Seliš u Ql̓ispé Nuwewlštn

Qe lemt łu kʷ cxʷuy! iheʔ x̣ʷl̓ qe Seliš u Ql̓ispé nuwewlštn. Yetłxʷasq̓t qe y̓amncut u qe es wičstm łu nxʷlxʷiltn ta es hoy qe cxʷic̓łlt łu qeqł nxʷlxʷiltn iqs šiʔmnwexʷ l es yaʔ łu l es xʷlxʷilt put u yetłxʷasq̓t łu qe nk̓ʷłaxmintn nk̓ʷuʔ wilš łu ne qe es lmntmnwexʷ u qe es cuti lemlmtš č̓ es yaʔ sqlqelixʷ x̣ʷl̓ qe sqelixʷ.

Welcome to the Salish – Qlipse (Pend d’Oreille) Online Dictionary. We hope this site helps you with learning and understand our language. We hope to include the language dialects of the Bitterroot Salish, Upper Kalispel, Lower Kalispel and Spokane tribes. We want this to be an inclusive language tool for all to use and share.

Lemlmtš Pesyaʔ – Thanks Everyone

First we give thanks to our Creator and to our ancestors for all that they have done and given to us.

We give thanks to our Elders that have worked tirelessly to share their knowledge with us so that our language can live on:

  • Felicite McDonald
  • Eneas Vanderburg
  • Mary “Dolly” Linsebigler
  • Francis Stanger
  • Pat Pierre
  • Sophie Haines
  • Noel Pichette
  • Louie Adams
  • Eva Boyd
  • Frances Vanderburg
  • Harriet McDougal
  • Annie Vanderburg
  • Stephen Smallsalmon
  • Johnny Arlee
  • Shirley Trahan
  • Lucy Vanderburg
  • Tony Incashola
  • Andrew Woodcock
  • Chauncey Beaverhead
  • Stan Bluff
  • Francis Cullooyah

Lemlmtš Pesyaʔ – We would also like to give thanks to all that have helped make this project happen!

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